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Gift Guide: Gifts for Guys

December 7, 2009

Okay, so I asked Nic to come up with a list of things he thinks would make good gifts.  After eliminating weapons capable of murder, I proceeded to add his ideas to a list of my own. So this is a combination of our ideas on what makes the perfect gift for guys.  I tried to throw in some different items, just in case your guy isn’t a meat eating, video game playing, beer-drinking, music fanatic like mine.

Gift Guide for Guys Part 2
Gift Guide for Guys Part 2 by audreyc17
1. AE Vintage Cabin Boot , $90 Okay, so I picked these, because they look good, of course. But if your boy actually needs boots to work in, Nic suggests Redwing boots, like these.
2. Inflatable Boxing Gloves, $18 These are awesome, and not just for guys! I want them. Forget arguments, I’d rather end every fight with these.
3. Rawlings Baseball Glove Leather Briefcase, $425 I think this is a great gift for a dad.  One who likes baseball. Or just briefcases
4. Double Scarf , $40 Nic definitely did not pick this, in fact, he probably hates it. But hey, I figure some dudes accessorize. Just not him.
5. Chop Shop Dapper Men Tee Who doesn’t want a t-shirt with men with mustaches on it? Okay, well how about monsters?  or tv/movie vehicles?
6. Magno Wooden Radio is pricey, but awesome. It works with your iPod too.
8. Star Trek on Blu-ray.  If he doesn’t have a Blu-ray player, go ahead and get him one of those.  It is 2009-who uses those prehistoric DVD players anymore?
9. Sneak it in Flasks are disposable, and extremely tacky. But Restoration Hardware sells them, so they must be okay, right????
Gift Guide for Guys Part 1
Gift Guide for Guys Part 1 by audreyc17
1. Trapper Hat from American Eagle would be good for keeping ears warm during winter quarter on campus.
2. If your dude is a music fan, you can find a ton of original band posters on this website. Including this one, for Modest Mouse.
3. The new Apple Magic Mouse is a-mazing. If he has a laptop and you don’t know what to get him, this is a no-brainer.
4. This portable grill and smoker is perfect for an outdoorsy-camper type, or anyone who likes a mean steak or rack of ribs. You could also give him a barbeque cookbook, like this one by Bobby Flay to go with it.
5. If you are living with the only guy on the planet without this, you need to get it for him.
6. This shaving set is countertop friendly (as in, you won’t be embarrassed to have it sitting out when company comes) but also old-fashion-y cool. If it isn’t in your price range, try this, which comes with sample size products.
7. If you want to splurge, try this Samsung LED TV (Nic just suggested Samsung, but I’m sure your fave electronics brand would do the trick).
8. Already have a tv big enough for the neighborhood? Make sure they can hear it too, with this Bose sound system.
9. iKaraoke looks fun.
10. Tickets are always a good gift idea. Whatever he likes, just head to Ticketmaster and check it out. Recommendations: comedians! The shows are usually relatively cheap and we had a blast seeing Demetri Martin. Also, bands: If you like Flogging Molly, they are on tour through mid-March. But just check and see if your guy’s favorite band is on tour. Its a great gift for someone who already has too many “things”.
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