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It’s A Wrap: Cold Weather Style

December 8, 2009

Wrap your head around this: there is more than one way to tie a scarf! I know, amazing, right? Walking around campus, I always (and by always I mean always, even when it’s warm!) see this kind of thing:

picture courtesy of weardrobe

And while that is all well and good(more than well really, I mean look at those boots!), I’m just plain tired of seeing it.  That is the very reason I am presenting you with this video about how to up your scarf-tying technique, and some winter-weather style inspiration as well:

As for what I’d like to have tied around my neck during winter quarter, either of these snow-ready outfits would tickle my fancy:

Winter Weather Looks
Winter Weather Looks by audreyc17
For the look on the right, a classic red coat, pom-pom beanie, and simple flats look more fun with a floral scarf and grey velvet leggings.  I couldn’t resist adding the clutch, because, well, I like it. I would pair this with a girly tunic, maybe with ruffles.
On the left, the plaid coat looks great with a solid eternity scarf and pleated skinnies. The boots are a-mazing, and a great price. The zipper bangles just add a little toughness. This would look great with just a simple, solid thermal.
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