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Get The Look: Alexa’s All-Weather Apparel

December 28, 2009

So I realize it’s not Spring. In fact, we just got our first real snow here–but that doesn’t stop me from scoping out my Spring wardrobe. I love this laid-back look on Alexa Chung, and if you can’t wait for Spring just add tights and a cardigan and you have a fall, or even winter, outfit that won’t leave you freezing.

Alexa's All Weather Apparel
Alexa’s All Weather Apparel by audreyc17
My favorite thing about Alexa’s style is its effortless quality.  A simple graphic tee, paired with a casual-chic skirt look fashion forward, but also like something she just pulled out of the closet in a hurry. Add some uber-glam boots and a couple of charm necklaces(this one and this one) and you have a stylish but totally nonchalant look. I threw in a simple boyfriend cardigan and some thick tights to give you a seasonally appropriate outfit.  A bold, Nicole Richie-esque alternative to the cardigan: a fuzzy faux-fur vest.  The total for this outfit is $144.00- just a small portion of your Christmas money.
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