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Astrological Style: Capricorn

January 2, 2010

With the new year upon us, I think it is only fitting to say something about horoscopes.  Believe in them or not, it’s fun to compare characteristics of a “sign” to your own personality.  It’s also interesting to hear what the planets have in store for you in the coming year.  For the next few weeks, I’ll be posting some outfits/shopping ideas inspired by each of the astrological signs, along with celebs of the same sign and some basics about the sign.

Capricorn (december 22nd-january 19th)


* Serious, mature, practical, ambitious, controlling

* Sign: Goat

* Color: Grey

* Capricorns are practical and their clothing needs to be the same way-comfortable and functional.

* Caps are hard workers, so their attire needs to be work friendly.  Think professional classics with a feminine twist.

* The Goat may spice up her wardrobe with vintage inspired add ons or accessories.

* Stick to neutral colors like beige and grey

Celebrity Capricorns

Zooey, Sienna, and Kate show typical Capricorn style.  As you can see, they stick to classic silhouettes with a ladylike flair. A professional looking white button up is elongated into a more trendy tunic, a basic striped tank is charming with jazz shoes and a full skirt, and a structured blazer looks girly with tiny scalloped shorts.  Each outfit looks comfortable and has a timeless feel.

Get The Look

Capricorn Style

Outfit #1: Classic high waisted trousers look pretty with a nautical inspired striped blouse.  Add a simple watch and heels and you have a mature but feminine look.

For Outfit #2, a basic khaki skirt and t-strap heels look fun with a patterned, but traditional shaped, blouse and bow earrings. Capricorns strive for material security, so an expensive and professional-looking Prada bag would catch the eye of a Goat right away.

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