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Get The Look: Kate Bosworth

January 4, 2010

Kate shows us how to work one of the “it’ fabrics of the spring runway: denim!  Vests are great for spring because they add a layered element to an outfit, but are much less bulky than a jacket or cardigan.

Some tips when shopping for a denim vest:

* Choose a light or faded wash. A dark wash looks more Dolly Parton than hipster-cool.

* Always go with a fitted and cropped shape.  The best I’ve seen are cut at or right below your natural waist.  Anything too long or loose is just a bad grunge flashback a la Phoebe in the 1st season of Friends (I’ve been re-watching, can you tell?).

* Try local thrift stores like Goodwill and Salvation Army-I can’t even begin to describe how many denim vests I’ve seen there.

* If you aren’t daring enough to try denim, other cool denim alternatives are menswear or utilitarian(also popular on the runways) inspired vests.

Photo Credit

Kate Bosworth's Denim Vest

This denim vest in a medium wash looks great with a basic grey v-neck.  Any printed scarf would do, but I chose a simple red tartan scarf, which complements the shimmery black skirt.  Throw on a small shoulder bag and some creamy booties and you’re out the door.  Don’t forget your sunglasses to shield you from all the papa-papa-razzi(sorry!). Total Outfit: $154 and some change.

* Remember that to pull off this look, some element of your outfit needs to be a little more than casual, like Kate’s skirt with sheen. Otherwise, you end up looking sloppy–or homeless, which is never good(unless, of course,  you’re going for MK Olsen’s early 2000’s look).

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