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Astrological Style: Aquarius

January 6, 2010

(january 20-february 18)

aquarius icon


* free spirited, independent, eccentric, progressive, dedicated to humanity

* Sign: Water Bearer

* Color: Cobalt Blue or Fuchsia

* The most important thing about the style of an Aquarius is that their clothing reflects who they are.  They pick clothes that fit their personalities–even if it’s not in style for a particular season.

* Being progressive leads the Water Bearer to experiment with new trends, but don’t be surprised if they wear the same thing next season too!

* Aquarians tend toward bright, electric colors, even if it’s just a pop.

* Water Bearers are very unique, so expect an eclectic mix of styles.

alicia keyes blue painted dresslauren conrad blue bag premiermischa barton peacock print dress

Celebrity Aquarians

Alicia, Lauren, and Mischa show typical Water Bearer style.  Each celebrity chose to accent an otherwise trendy outfit with free-spirited elements.  Alicia wears shiny blue boots over last season’s hot item: colored tights (thanks Ms. Waldorf!).  Lauren accentuates a classic look with a pop of bright color, and Mischa opts for a graphic print on a classically shaped dress. Each outfit represents its wearer, is unique, and has a trendy feel.

Get The Look

Aquarius Style
Outfit #1 is composed of a brightly colored(and super cheap!) dress in a classic silhouette paired with very trendy accessories: a bow belt, sequined bag, and over-the-knee boots.  A free-spirited and party-friendly look.
Outfit #2 is casual and quirky.  Printed shorts (shorts of the high-waisted variety, like these, are often spotted on Ms. Barton) look cute with a basic white pocket tee–a heavy metal necklace prevents a too-girly look. Water Bearer-esque sunglasses and silky shell-colored flats keep the look simple and fun.
* So what do you think? Are you an Aquarius? Would you wear these looks? Am I totally off-base? I’d love to hear from you.
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  1. carol cupps permalink
    January 11, 2010 11:34 pm

    I miss the snow! Let it snow let it snow let it snow;)

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