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Astrological Style: Pisces

January 12, 2010

(february 19th – march 20th)

pisces icon


* creative, self-sacrificing, romantic, helpful, emotional

* Sign: fish

* Colors: violet, light green, blue

* Because of their romantic tendencies (seriously, how cute are they?), Pisces like to look girly.  They tend to choose flirty, feminine styles in delicate and flowing fabrics.

* The body part that Pisces rules is feet, so fish women are all about shoes! Look for unique styles that define your look.

* Fish women are creative, and they tend to gravitate towards artsy-cool accessories like sculptural jewelry and quirky berets or scarves.

Jessica Biel Orange Floral DressEva Mendes Lilac DressDrew Barrymore Sculptural Necklace

Celebrity Pisces

Jessica, Eva, and Drew are all Pisces and they have the wardrobe to prove it.  Jessica and Eva go for a girly vibe: Jessica chooses a bright floral motif, while Ms. Mendes goes with a more demure lace mini-dress.  Drew’s look puts an emphasis on her creative side: she wears a flowing, lilac printed blouse and adds both a geode and chunky turquoise necklace.

Get The Look

Pisces Looks

Outfit #1 is flirty and fun.  A gorgeous embellished tank top is playful with a tiered denim skirt.  Serious red heels draw attention to long legs, and a large, color block tote balances out the look.  Add artsy white shades and you have a look any Fish would envy.
Outfit #2 has a ladylike vibe.  Combine a structured dress with a glitter-spun cardigan and black tights for a simple but elegant look.  Add more personality with a whimsical jaguar belt and and pretty pink clutch.  I didn’t say Pisces loved shoes for nothing–check out those caged heels!
What do you think? Do you know any Pisces with a penchant for girly goods? Can you see yourself wearing any of these looks? I’d love to hear from you!
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