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Get The Look: Vanessa Hudgens Does Spring Florals

January 19, 2010

Sorry for the late Get The Look, I’ve been trying to post them every Monday, with the Astrological Style feature on Tuesdays, but I’m having a pretty hectic week school-wise.  If I have time, I’ll get the Astro Style up tonight to keep things on schedule, if not, look for the Aries Style feature tomorrow. Now that business has been taken care of, lets get to the good stuff:

I’ve been spotting Vanessa Hudgens with florals on a lot lately.  Floral prints are a great way to transition from Winter to Spring and are always prevalent on the runways.  Here are some tips on how to work floral prints into your wardrobe:

* Try to avoid a prissy look by adding menswear inspired elements like Vanessa’s boyfriend cardigan.  De-sweeten your girly florals with a bold, substantial shoe.  Vanessa goes with a neutral over the knee boot.  This would be a great opportunity to rock a military-inspired piece as well (think utility jacket).

* Make your choice of floral pop with neutral basics like black tights or an earth-toned sweater.  Colored accessories are fine, just make sure they are grounded with something simple and not too sweet.

* If you’re not all-for the idea of a floral dress or top, look for accessories with floral flare.  I’m loving the whole floral shoe thing popping up, and that might be a good way to get your feet wet.

* Make florals winter friendly by adding a cardigan and tights, or layer a dress over a black thermal.

Vanessa Hudgens floral dress

Photo Credit

vanessa's floral print

I chose the Jennifer Aniston of floral dresses: it can stand just as well alone as it can with a man–er, layers (take that John Mayer).  Since I’m trying to get Vanessa’s look I went ahead and added layers, but I can just as easily imagine this dress with bright red heels for a summer wedding. The floral dress has lots of girly colors going on, so I stuck to a simple grey cardigan (although I think a tomato red would give this a vintage-y feel) with a cute detail on the sleeves.  Black tights give the look some edge as do studded cream boots(which are more than 50% off, by the way). I love the juxtaposition of studs and floral.  I had to throw in a fringe bag because we all know how much Vanessa loves her J.J. Winters. This bag has the same vibe but for way less than half of the price.  The total for this outfit (including tights) is $157 .00.

What Do You Think?

Would you wear this look? Are you a fan of florals? What is your favorite floral look? Are you impressed that Vanessa is actually wearing clothing (hehe)? I’d love to hear from you!

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