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Astrological Style: Aries

January 20, 2010

(march 21st – april 19th)


* assertive, competitive, enthusiastic, self-reliant, passionate

* Sign: Ram

* Colors: red, black, white

* Being the competitive creatures that they are, if a Ram has an interest in fashion, she will strive to be the first to try out new trends.  She is very daring and doesn’t mind making a statement.

* The Aries girl tends to go for more masculine looks: clean, crisp lined pieces with structure.  If an Aries doesn’t care too much for fashion, she will choose simple basics (think Jennifer Garner’s everyday look).

* Rams love bright colors, especially red, in their wardrobes.

* The body part associated with Aries is the head–Rams love to draw attention to their heads with hats (that explains Keira Knightley’s love of headwear) or hair accessories like headbands and hair clips.

* Aries tend to like more casual looks, some might even lean toward sports-inspired clothing.

Reese Witherspoon boyfriend jeansleighton meester sheer shirtVictoria Beckham red dress

All photos from People StyleWatch

Celebrity Aries

Reese, Leighton, and Victoria have wardrobes that would make any Ram jealous. Reese’s daytime looks are usually super casual.  She wears a loose boyfriend jean with flats and a basic sweater. She draws attention to her head with a slouchy beanie. Leighton knows fashion and she proves it.  She isn’t afraid to try a new trend. Here she does a bold sheer blouse with menswear inspired trousers.  Victoria Beckham’s style is completely structured (just look at her clothing line) with lots of hats, although for this outfit she dons a lace headband.

Get The Look

Aries Style

Since Aries girls usually stick to a more casual look, I decided to do two daytime outfits, instead of my usual (one daytime one night).

Outfit #1 is timeless and stylish.  A classic cropped trouser with black flats is very Audrey Hepburn, especially with the added striped top.  A fedora not only draws attention to the head, but gives the outfit a more relaxed feel.  I added a pop of color with a red skinny belt (although I think a crisp metallic one would look just as nice) and I offset this “ordinary” look with diamond pyramid studs.

Outfit #2 is a bit more trendy.  A chambray skirt makes a waist look tiny with a plaid shirt tucked into it.  Oxford-inspired metallic sandals are a playful touch.  A classic watch in combination with the flannel shirt, gives this outfit a masculine edge.

* If you are looking for a nighttime look worthy of Aries-awe, try something structured and almost architectural, like this or this.

What Do You Think?

Are you an Aries? Do you love these looks? Do you know an Aries who goes totally against the grain? I’d love to hear from you!

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