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Get The Look: Carey Does Simple And Sweet

January 25, 2010

I honestly had no idea who Carey Mulligan was until the Golden Globes opened my eyes. With her constant coverage at awards shows and dozens of street shots featuring her hand in hand with her handsome beau littering my daily reads, I can’t possibly ignore her anymore.  Here she proves that simple can be chic.  Here are a few tips on utilizing the basics in your wardrobe:

* Adding a twist to something you already wear all the time can be just the thing to update your look.  Can’t stop wearing that plaid flannel? Tuck it into a high-waisted skirt for a change that’s on-trend for Spring.

* Throwing on a bold accessory makes all the difference.  Ms. Mulligan carries a bright red Burberry bag, and while your accessories might be a little less pricey, adding a statement piece can bring life to an otherwise boring outfit.

* Go vintage. Pairing a vintage jacket or scarf with your favorite jeans and a tee can really pull a look together.  Don’t be afraid to use quirky pieces with the necessities you already own.

Carey Mulligan simple dress

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Carey Mulligan Simple and Sweet

You can basically pick up this entire outfit at your local mall, and most likely in your own closet for free.  A LBD with subtle ruffles keeps the attention on details.  Add a basic white tee (my favorite is Hanes, but your choice) and opaque tights and you have a solid foundation.  A brightly colored bag adds just the right amount of shine.  With a casual look like this, stick with unembellished black flats or oxfords rather than heels.  The total for this look is $93.80, which is cheap change considering each of these items could be re-worked dozens of ways.

What Do You Think?

Would you wear this look? What is your favorite way to wear a LBD? Jealous of Carey Mulligan’s boy toy? I’d love to hear from you!

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