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Astrological Style: Gemini

February 2, 2010

Hello all, sorry for the delay on this. Trying to work on a post and complete an anthropology assignment simultaneously is not, absolutely not, a good idea. Ever. You end up typing things like “Gemini ladies love a primate look,” or listing opposable thumbs as a Gemini characteristic. Just a little pre-post advice I thought you needed. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the post. If you find any evolution related typos I apologize.

(may 21st – june 21st)


* youthful, witty, inquisitive, easily bored, flirty, open-minded

* Sign: Twins

* Colors: yellow and orange

* Being the big flirts that they are, Gemini ladies love a playful look. They gravitate towards flirty heels, low cut tops, and peek-a-boo cut outs. But remember flirty doesn’t mean tasteless: Geminis do playful in a classy way.

* Twins have little patience, and they are constantly moving from one idea to the next. They are also ever-curious. Combine these two characteristics and you get a girl who continually changes her aesthetic. They can go from classic glamour to rock-a-billy cool in the blink of an eye.

* Gemini gals are very versatile, and along with working different styles, they can also wear almost any color. When shopping for clothes, Twins should look for separates that work with all of the diverse styles and colors in their wardrobe.

MK and Ashley talk showNatalie Portman blue strapless

Photo Credit 12

Celebrity Gemini

Ashley, Mary Kate, and Natalie are all Twin style stars. On a talk show appearance, the sisters skip their normal over the top style and go for a more refined look. Ashley wears a playfully low-cut top and layered necklaces, while MK opts for flirty fun polka-dots. The latter personalizes her toned-down look with a vintage-inspired (probably actually vintage) belt. Ms. Portman shows textbook Gemini style with color galore. She goes for two different tones of blue for her fun ruffled dress and belt, adds a complementary yellow clutch, and violet shoes.

Get The Look

Gemini Style

I wanted to show the versatility of true Twin style, so I chose two completely different looks with Outfit #1 being a casual menswear inspired look. I started off with a tunic-length plaid button down and basic leggings.  I love the feel of an oversized shirt with girly accessories like a feathered headband: The pairing gives a nonchalant vibe that I adore.  Oxfords are hot right now, and for good reason.  These monochrome blue ones are the cutest I’ve seen.

Outfit #2 is inspired by this look of MK’s that I am in love with. She wore this for the Fashion’s Night Out event, so I definitely imagine it as a night look as well. Completely different vibe from Outfit #1, this look is definitely far from classic. A tiered pink skirt against a slouchy pullover looks rocker-chic, especially with the uber-sexy caged heels. I finished the look with an oversized scarf to take the outfit away from any punk-girl references it may be making (anyone else have sk8tr girls in ballerina skirts roaming their high school halls?).

What Do You Think?

Are you a Gemini? If so, what is your personal style like? Does it match up to my descriptions? Would you wear either of these looks? Are you also spending hours upon hours studying anthropology? I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. February 3, 2010 12:37 am

    Hahaha confusing Gemini girls and opposable thumbs made me laugh. :D I agree; adding that scarf does take it away from the Avril-esque sk8r grrl vibe.

    And thank you for the extraextra comment! I say extraextra because I do love long comments, there’s more to read! And that deal about short hair– bs. Who are we to dictate ourselves by other’s opinions like that, especially when it comes to… hair!? In short, thanks for the awesome comment.

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