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What’s In A Bag

February 3, 2010

I’m an extremely curious person, some may even call me nosy. I like looking in other people’s homes, peeking into their closets, stalking investigating their facebook pages, and so on. So it makes perfect sense that my favorite flickr group is this one, dedicated entirely to what people have inside their bags.

You can tell so many things about a person from their bag and its contents. I like imagining what the lives of these people are like: I think the lady with the Snoopy change purse is probably pretty awesome. Anyway, here are a few of my favorite, along with what’s in my own bag:

In My Bag - Mary Poppinvia mary poppin

In My Bag - What's In your Bag

nicolexlynne photography in my bag

via nicolexlynne

In My Bag red sunnies

via 1923

My bag

The last bag is mine. It’s a combination of the things floating around in my school tote and my regular handbag. Apparently I like red and purple, although my mom is always complaining that I don’t wear enough color–I guess I just like my accessories nice and bright. The big red book is InStyle’s New Secrets Of Style, which I am almost finished with. My mom got me the bag for Christmas (from Marshall’s I think), the scarf and umbrella are Old Navy, my friend Hillary gifted me the owl wallet three years ago (I think it’s Urban Outfitters). The numbered books are Moleskine Color of the Month Planners, the purple one is my food diary (well, technically, but mostly it serves as a sketchbook). My bank won’t exchange the Euro without charging more than it’s worth, so it just keeps floating around my bag. The grey device is a pedometer, and the weird thing on my keychain is mace that my mom made me bring to school (I advise everyone to get one).

A peek into other people’s business was just the thing I needed this morning–I had an extremely long night.  What do you keep in your bag? Are your items scarily color-coordinated like mine? Are you also intrigued by the details of everyone else’s lives? I’d love to hear from you!

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