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Weekend Fun

March 10, 2010

I had a busy weekend, so I though I’d share some little bits of it with you.

This weekend, because of my excellent procrastination skills, Nic and I took a mini trip to Akron, Ohio. The short story is that I am taking a class on music in various cultures. I have to attend a performance by a musical act from a culture different than my own and then write a ten page paper about it. The paper is due this Friday and I hadn’t gone to a performance yet, so we decided to go to a little cultural festival in Akron to see a traditional Indian dance performance, among others (Chinese musical ensemble, Israeli dancers, and Irish dancers).

We had lots of fun, stayed in a totally 80s hotel (but it had a Sleep Number bed!), and because it was such a drive, we made a little road trip of it. Akron was strange – it was quite large, but there was no one around! It was like a ghost town! I didn’t get many pictures, but I thought I’d share some of the ones we did take.

Akron Civic Theater ceiling

We think this mess-up is actually pretty cool. It is the ceiling of the Akron Civic Theater, which is one of 5 theaters left in the country with a star-lit ceiling. Clouds even drifted across it – it was like being at the planetarium and the theater at the same time.


I included this picture because I wanted to show you the boots I had told you about. I apologize that Nic can’t take a picture without making a face. And, although it may look differently (hehe), he is pointing to my leggings, of which he is a big fan.

My brother and I also went to see a midnight viewing of Alice in Wonderland, which was fantastically strange. I wanted to do something exciting for the movie, and I was set on doing my hair in milkmaid braids. I thought they would fit in perfectly with the aesthetic of the film, especially with red lips, but it just didn’t turn out: My hair is way too long. This is the tutorial I followed, which was easy and helpful.

I don’t have a tripod, and all I had was poor dorm-bathroom lighting, so all my pictures ended up like this:

braids incident

These look much better, so I’ll pretend this is what mine ended up looking like:

idee milkmaid braids

Photo Credit

MK milkmaid braids

I also did a lot of shopping. I picked up this hat, among other things. I found a vintage London Fog trench at a thrift store, and bought a sheer blouse (yikes!), so hopefully I will have pictures of those soon. I have about a million drafts sitting in my dashboard, and I can’t seem to finish them, but I will make it a priority. Once I get through this week, I’m home free: Spring Break!

Also, if you didn’t notice, I posted a new poll! So let me know what you think. Sorry for all the rambling today, I just felt like doing a little personal post, rather than the usual. Thanks for hanging in there!

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