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Let’s Play Dress-Up

April 6, 2010

Here’s the thing: I want to wear everything that J. Crew CrewCuts has to offer. Since I can’t even begin to squeeze into children’s sizes, I’ve been trying to imitate these looks with things in my own closet. I just love the carefree, fun, “I’m wearing this because I like it” feel to these looks.

Crew cuts 'kerchiefs and conversecrew cuts striped socks

crew cuts ties with everythingCrew Cuts mix play w dress up

Photo Credits

I can only assume you are just as smitten with these goofy-chic outfits as I am. Here are some styling tips inspired by the CrewCuts catalogue:

1. ‘Kerchiefs and Converse Were Made for Each Other

I love the twisted and knotted, Boy Scouts-esque scarf in picture number one. It just looks so summery, like she is heading out to a picnic play-date. Add the sunny Converse and a slouchy jacket and it’s a perfect outfit. I also love that she is wearing leggings. I tend to go for bare legs in warmer weather, but this just proves legwear doesn’t look out of place.

Kerchief and Converse outfit

Buy it here: Jacket – Old Navy, Leggings – American Eagle, Converse – Zappos, Dress – J. Crew, Scarf – Forzieri, Necklace – Forever 21

The complementary colors used in the CrewCuts outfits are playful and fun. Pick a solid-hued dress that you already own and throw on some complementary sneakers to get the same look. My best tip for finding a cheap scarf is to head out to a thrift store: You will find tons of colors and styles for much, much less. Look for square shapes in a silk or similar fabric that can be tied in a small knot.

2. Throw on Some Socks

Patterned socks are a great way to embrace a childish look without going overboard. Slip them on with flats, sandals (yes, sandals), and heels for a Lolita worthy look. I love the classic look of the stripes, but a solid sock with lace trim would also look cute. Need some more inspiration?

heels and sockssocks and heels leighton and rihanna

Photo Credits: 1 and 2

3. Wear Ties With Anything and Everything

This is pretty self-explanatory: 1) See picture 3 and drool at the cuteness, 2) search your boyfriend’s closet like a maniac for a suitable tie, 3) wear it everywhere and feel like a totally legit preppie.

4. Mix Play Clothes With Dress Up Stuff

When I was little my mom picked out all my outfits, and I was always jealous of the girl that got to wear her cinderella costume to school everyday. Kids don’t care about what is appropriate for school, a wedding, a backyard BBQ, etc.: They wear what they like, and you should too! Try mixing your fanciest cocktail dress with sneakers, or a poofy skirt with a t-shirt (see picture 4). When you wake up feeling like a princess, go ahead and dress like one.

dress up and play date

Buy it here: Dress – ModCloth, Belt – Anthropologie, Striped shirt – La Garconne, Shoelaces – Amazon, Sneakers – J. Crew, Bangle – Zappos Couture, Bracelet – American Eagle

What kid doesn’t like neon? The idea of juxtaposing a serious dress with a finger paint color is exciting to me. If you are looking for a more toned-down look, substitute metallic accents for the hot pink. Oh, and don’t be afraid to switch out the Converse for Keds, Vans, Toms, or whatever tickles your fancy. Want more inspiration from stylish kids? Check these out:

* Planet Awesome Kid

* Mini Hipster

* Art of the Trench – this isn’t specifically for kid’s style, but there are plenty of tots in trenches: Tons of inspiration no matter what you’re looking for.

So, what do you think? Do you wish you could flashback to your childhood days of carefree dressing, or do you prefer a more consistent grown-up look? Do you worry about what is “appropriate” or just throw on what feels right?

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