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Look What I Found

June 1, 2010

Just some links and things I loved this week:

* Outfit inspiration is the name of the game for this week’s links. So many bloggers were putting up summer outfit ideas, so I figured I’d share a few of my favorites. First up, this collection of simply chic summer ensembles from design is mine. My favorite look is the one with that adorable Eiffel Tower tank, and I love all the dresses she chose.

* I did a Memorial Day outfit post this week, and so did B. Jones Style. I love the idea of wearing a bathing suit as a layering piece. See her outfit ideas here.

* On a non fashion-related note, have you guys checked out the live footage of the Gulf Oil leak?

* Remember way back in January, when I did a little post about Spring style and the military look? The City Sage has tons of military-inspired photos and outfit ideas for you to check out. I want basically everything she suggested.

* Umm, clogs!

* If you’re looking for a fun summer soundtrack, check out Unabashedly Prep’s June 2010 playlist for something different or, for some fun girly-pop check out CF’s Summer Playlist (have I mentioned I’m obsessed with that song by Leighton Meester?)


* I’ve been obsessed with polka dots this week. I just bought a vintage red and white polka-dotted shirt last weekend and I am in love with it. My brother says I look like Minnie Mouse, but I’ve been taking that as a compliment.

* Oh, and you can catch up on all my Fashion Challenge posts for College Fashion here.

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