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Meant To Be: Sea-Worthy

June 4, 2010

Even the best bathing suits aren’t complete without their beach towel soul-mates. Here are a few towel/bathing suit combinations I love:

Nautical Prep

nantucket 2

1. This adorable bikini is printed with light-blue sea horses. I think the belt on the bottom is really flattering for almost every body shape. Normally I avoid white bathing suits, but this one has a lining in the top and bottom, so its safe to wear in the water as well as on the beach.

2. Polka dot towel – I love polka-dots and stripes together. I would buy all of these towels just to fold and put on a shelf (maybe in a laundry or mud room?) because they look so great beside each other. All of the towels in this set are from Lands’ End.

3. White border towel

4. Rugby stripe towel

Boheme Dream


1. Can’t you just imagine throwing on this animal print bikini and stepping out your back door onto that beach? I love the combination of dark purple and orange…it just looks really boho-chic to me (or even tribal…depending on the pattern).

2. I am obsessed with this Tracy Reese printed towel. Rachel Zoe recommended it in a recent Zoe Report, and unlike most of the other things she suggests, it is unbelievably cheap. It also comes in blue/green or purple/blue (although I think the purple one might be sold out now).

3. Diamond print towel – This is actually from Kohls, so if you need a towel in a hurry, this is the one to get.

4. Spice stripe towel – this reminds me of a blanket/towel that I bought on the beach during a trip to Costa Rica. It probably doesn’t absorb as much water as the typical towel, but it’s really more of a laying around on the beach type thing. I also used mine as a sarong (well, until the tide changed and washed it away). It’s really light weight, so you could use it as a throw once you got home as well.

Super Glam

south beach miami

1. When I saw this metallic bikini I instantly thought “bienvenidos a miami” (quick: name that song!). This is not something a shy, or even remotely conservative person should be wearing. It’s shiny and basically says “hey, you–look at me!”.

2. Leopard print towel – I love this thing, it looks expensive to me, but it’s actually super cheap. It looks more snake or crocodile print to me, but they call like leopard, so leopard it is.

3. Gucci towel – umm, and this one looks expensive because it is.

4. Black and white stripe towel

Will you be pulling out your bikini for any special trips soon? Am I the only one who tries to coordinate my towel to my swimsuit (or location)? What is your favorite vacation spot? I’d love to hear from you!

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