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Astrological Style: Leo

June 17, 2010

(july 23rd – august 22nd)

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The Basics

* confident, spontaneous, sunny, a leader, super dramatic

* Sign: lion

* Colors: yellow, orange, and gold

* Leo ladies are completely self assured, which means no hiding behind clothes! They favor body-hugging silhouettes or maybe even some skin-revealing cutouts or sheer panels (which are spot-on trend wise).

* Lionesses are interested in making a dramatic entrance. To get the attention they want, Leos may opt for sequins, gold  jewelry, and glittery accessories. Not surprisingly, Leos also have a penchant for animal print.

* Luxury is the key to a Leo’s heart. Whether it’s designer label or a glamourous mane of hair, Leos want the best of everything.

Celebrity LeosPhoto Credits 1, 2, and 3

Celebrity Leos

I was actually surprised to discover that Demi Lovato is a Leo, but this outfit is straight out of the Leo style book. She opts for a classic look, but shows off her lioness style with a gold chain necklace and shiny gold heels. Ms. Panettiere isn’t hiding anything (well, almost anything) in true Leo fashion. You could imitate this look without showing so much by layering a sheer lace dress (like this one) over a basic black tank dress. Jennifer Lopez makes a Leo-worthy statement with an animal print dress and clutch. All of these looks are easily wearable, as long as you have the confidence of a Leo of course.

Get The Look

leo looks

Outfit #1

1. For a night out, Leo ladies want to be the center of attention. This sequined crop top will definitely draw the eye of everyone in the room. Leo’s are brave when it comes to showing skin, and lucky for them, cropped tops are hot for spring and summer.

2. Mixed metals are challenging, but a lioness can pull it off. The sleek silk of this silver clutch works perfectly with the texture of the sequined top.

3. Classic black skinnies tone things down a bit, and are a great alternative to dark denim.

4. Super glam heels are dramatic and tough with an added touch of gold.

5. Mixed metal earrings with a bit of edge pull the look together. These are actually part of the FENTON/FALLON collaboration with J. Crew, which I love—all the pieces have a great hard-edge feel.

Outfit #2

6. For a basic summer look, Leo’s crave basics with a hint of luxury. This coral tank is glammed-up with a tiny sequin pocket. The simplicity of the tank allows Leo ladies to show off their svelte figures with class.

7. Denim cutoffs require confidence, and lions have plenty of it.

8. Flip flops with something extra are a perfect match for a simple summer look. These nude sandals elongate the leg, have a touch of gold, and are comfy to boot!

So, are you a Leo? Would you wear either of these looks? Does your personal style match up to my description? Are you surprised that Demi, Hayden, or Jennifer are Leos or do you think they fit the bill? I’d love to hear from you!

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