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Look What I Found

June 21, 2010

Just some links and things I loved this week:

* I found this Brooks Brothers guide to “Elegant Scarf Knots” while working on my post for College Fashion this week (be sure to check it out on Wednesday). I love the French Twist one–I plan on wearing it sometime this week.

* There’s tons of preppy style to gush over in Keller’s Fall Lookbook. The clothes are killer and the pencils, blackboards, and desks are spot on.

* I’m dying for a structured and ladylike bag, like these–although I must say a vintage Hermes is out of my price range. I think I could manage one of these, though:

croc bag bleubird vintagevintage red bag PunchDrunkVintage

* Self magazine predicts your new fave nail polish color based on your astrological sign. They picked a shimmery burgundy for me (Scorpio), but I’m dying to get my hands on that Capricorn hunter green–definitely going to be my fall nail color of choice.

* I really want to see Sofia Coppola’s new film Somewhere. The trailer is awesome–I especially dig the demo version of You Only Live Once playing in the background (I love me some Julian Casablancas). This has the makings of my new favorite movie.

* If you liked the friendship bracelets I made last week, and you’re in the mood for more DIY jewelry, check out this Cartier-inspired bangle (I actually made a few of these last week as well–so cute!) and this guide to nautical knots.

* Check out my latest post for College Fashion here.

Happy 1st day of summer!



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