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Wardrobe Makeover: Part 1 – The Inspiration

June 22, 2010

So here’s the thing: I’m not a style expert. The reason you don’t see pictures of what I’m wearing everyday is because what I’m wearing isn’t that exciting. I rarely wear anything but jeans, and most people who know me well would be shocked to see me without a cardigan on. I would say my wardrobe is rather bland, and for that very reason, I’m building a new one.

For this series, I’m going to slowly (I am on a budget) put together a new wardrobe that is totally me (and has more than just cardigans in it), and you can follow along and build your own wardrobe as well. I figured if I’m going to start over, the first thing I need to do is decide what style is most “me”. I sorted through all my inspirational files and came up with a group of photos that are going to inspire my new wardrobe:

rag and bone

classic trench

boyfriend denim

style scrapbook plaid

stylescrapbook stripes

camel coat


r29 get the look


stripes and cutoffs

And of course I couldn’t get away without throwing in a couple photos of the one and only Miss Alexa Chung:

alexa blue skirt

alexa stripes

Notice any trends? I spy lots of blazers, classic oxfords, and pops of color. I’ve decided I’m going to call my new look eclectic prep–I’m not a true preppy….Im much too messy for that; however, I’d like to have all the classic preppy pieces and then mix and match them in my own way. If you are planning on re-building your wardrobe as well, I suggest looking through magazines and your favorite blogs and saving all your favorite pictures. You’re bound to start noticing similarities.

How do you define your own style? Do you stick to one thing, or are you a mix of lots of different styles? Who or what inspires your wardrobe the most?  Next up on my Wardrobe Makeover: Closet Inventory. Stay tuned!

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