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Get The Look: Cameron Diaz Does Summer Chic

June 24, 2010
cameron-diaz- summer look
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I’m not typically a fan of Cameron Diaz’s breezy California-girl style, but this look is so simple and summery, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to re-create it on the cheap. Now if I could only re-create those abs…
Cameron Diaz Does Summer Chic

1. This look is so simple, and what makes it anything other than ordinary is the light blue blazer. The color is summery and fresh but still structured enough to create a pulled-together look.

2. A simple white tee gives the look a casual feel and references Ms. Diaz’s laid-back style.

3. Basic khaki shorts are a summer staple. These are cheap and have a reasonable length, making it appropriate for lazy summer days as well as more serious situations, like Cameron’s media event.

4. A gold chain necklace dolls-up a this simple look. Chain jewelry is really popular right now–it works well with both sophisticated and edgy looks. This one has some pearl-esque beads mixed in for a girly feel.

5. Cameron’s look isn’t all basics: she adds just a touch of trendy with a lucite bangle.

6. Super-chic natural colored sandals look great with tanned legs, and give the look an upscale, Nantucket feel.

The total for this outfit is $160, which is chump change in comparison to Cameron Diaz’s Rag and Bone blazer. So what do you think? Are you a fan of Ms. Diaz’s casual cool style? Did you see that interview about her not wanting children (it actually makes me like her more)? I’d love to hear from you!

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