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Look What I Found

July 18, 2010

Just some links and things I loved this week (and maybe last week too….):

* I want: this and this

* Two neat-o rooms for teens (and no, they don’t include pink polka-dot bedding, or lockers for night stands…)


* At first I thought the Hilfigers were pretty amazing (and I still kinda’ do), but then I took a closer look:


Seriously? This quirky family looks a little too familiar if you ask me.

* I’m pumped to get my hands on some September issues. Here is who you’ll see on the covers. @ the tippy top of my list: Vogue (obv….), Vanity Fair, Marie Claire, and W.

* This website/magazine is for men….but it’s so awesome. The layout is clean and classic and the posts are interesting and informative (like this one on how to tie a bow tie).

* And while we are on the topic of men, (boys, boyz, beaus, the other team, the opposite sex…) I thought I should point out to all of you who don’t already know (where have you been?)- CF NOW HAS A MALE WRITER! YIPPEE! Check out his (awesome) first article here.

* Julia Roitfeld’s home in The Selby. I wish my medicine cabinet looked that glamourous… and somebody tell me where I can get that pink skull!

* Also….my absolute favorite new (new to me) show is The Fabulous Beekman Boys. Have you seen it? Nic happened to come across it and knew I’d be in love, so he recorded it for me (awww….sweet, I know). It’s about this couple that moves from NYC to Upstate New York into a gorgeous farm house. They are, as the title suggests, completely fabulous:

Bonus: I was just informed that Planet Green is having a “fabulous sweepstakes” where viewers can win a $100 gift card to use at I’d love to get my hands on some of that Goat Milk Soap.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend.



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