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Dorm Files: Wall Art Update

August 17, 2010

I’m a little behind on my dorm decorating. I move in on September 19th, and I have gotten well….nothing done. I decided the easiest thing to start with is wall art. I’ve been browsing, but hadn’t really settled on anything until I came about Pop Pop Portraits.

The adorable etsy shop is full of whimsical portraits (as the name implies). Helena, the artist, does originals as well as prints (which are obviously much cheaper). I picked up two prints to add a little something special to my dorm room:

Grrr like a tiger

avid bird watcher

Since they are small, I plan on using them in little collections of postcards and tiny prints… maybe one near my closet/desk and another in the bathroom? Is that weird? If only I had a dressing room/actual closet…these would be SO perfect.

Anyway, stop by the shop! The two prints were only $9.00 a piece, and I got a discount on shipping for buying two. I also considered this one and this one, just in case you were curious. So cute!

Just as a side note, I am considering purchasing this tray (although I also like this hot pink one, this classic one, and this one in the leopard print) to serve as an organizer for my perfume, lotions, nailpolish, and so on. Kind of like the trays in these:

lonny mag trayPhoto Credit



Thoughts? Do you guys like having unique artwork in your dorm room? Any more artwork recommendations? Do you corral all your pretty things on a tray? I’d love to hear about your dorm decor plans!

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  1. Steph permalink
    August 17, 2010 8:32 pm

    I love the tray idea. I’ve been debating whether or not to get this one (or something like it) from etsy:

    As far as artwork goes, a good place to find original pieces is It’s a site where artists can share (and have the option to sell) their work.

    You can buy prints (like this one: ) for varying prices, depending on the artist and the size of the print… if you’re on a budget, I recommend the “No frame, just the print!” option. Sometimes you can get really small prints (like this one: ) for only $0.49 for a 4×5 or $4 for an 8×10! Some prints ( or ) have a “postcard option (matte or glossy), and some (like this one, one of my favorites ) you can get on a postcard, a mug, a pack of greeting cards, or even a puzzle!

    The best part is, there are so many types of artists on deviantart that you can do a search and find a photo/painting/collage/whatever on just about any subject! And then you can always go to some place like Target and get some cheap frames, and voila! Instant dorm decor. (And hey, if you don’t actually feel like buying the prints, or if the artist isn’t actually selling them, you can always find someone with a really nice printer and some glossy paper and DIY.)

    That was a lot of information… :P


  2. August 17, 2010 10:00 pm


    Okay, firstly, I love the tray! I can’t believe the price!

    Secondly, I don’t know how I haven’t heard of I want that Side of Rain print! I should have thought to ask you for recommendations, I forgot you were an art major: I’m sure you have tons of ideas.

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