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Gift Guide 2010: Classic Chloe

December 11, 2010

Hi guys, the third installment of the 2010 Gift Guide is for the classic girl. For me, this means a mix of traditional preppy, a dash of all-american classics, and of course a handful of timeless pieces. The classic girl gushes over men in horn-rimmed glasses, adores school-girl plaid, and always sticks to her signature scent (which usually starts with “Cha” and ends with “nel No. 5”) .

Think Reese Witherspoon, Audrey Hepburn, and Blair Waldorf (I realize that all of these ladies have extremely different styles, but that’s the point right? If “classic”  always meant the same thing, it wouldn’t be so admired… the term has evolved over time)

Gift Guide 2010 Classic Chloe

1. This shirt is a little different than the average sailor-stripe tee, but still a classic in my book. The back even has a little peek-a-boo neck with a bow

2. These dessert plates from Haus Interior (one of my fave online shops, by the way) would look just as great on the wall as the would on the table

3. CLAREVIVIER messenger bag: so luxurious (and pricey! and leather!!)

4. Beattock Gloves from Aubin and Wills – these remind me of an old movie, for some reason, and I know I would feel super classy wearing them

5. A horseshoe necklace that’s a mix of classic and edgy – it has the traditional shape, but it’s oversized and has mini studs on it

6. If you live somewhere where it snows, Bean Boots are the perfect gift! People wear some hideous snow boots, but these are timeless (both in style and durability), so the recipient of these will definitely stand out from the crowd—in a good way! Oh, and they are great gifts for men too.

7. The Official Preppy Handbook. I’ve mentioned the book before, but if you are planning on giving a copy out for Christmas, hop to it! They are going fast on ebay and amazon. If you love the idea, but don’t want a used (or $200) book, look for True Prep – an updated version of the original

Gift Guide 2010 Classic Chloe 2

8. A monogrammed makeup bag makes a great gift for the classic traveler. To make it extra special, load it up with luxury beauty goodies from 3Floz. – a site that specializes in TSA-friendly beauty supplies

9. You really can’t go wrong with a movie, especially a classic. Two of my favorites: Vertigo and Holiday

10. Mac’s Tartan Tale Holiday Collection

11. A vintage Dooney & Bourke is a must have on any preppy’s list. I see these everywhere – from Goodwill to pricier thrift stores. They do, however, tend to be a bit overpriced because people want them (probably because they are popular on street style blogs)- so, just make sure there is no serious damage, stains, or malfunctioning zippers before you hand over a wad of cash

12. Classic fringed loafers

13.  The most gorgeous watch.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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